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The Art of Celebration

Design is the glue that brings so many of the celebratory moments to life. Think about it: weddings, showers, birthdays, holiday greetings/promotions, etc. Design plays a role in each of these occasions, from the clever save-the-date e-mail to the actual invite that arrives via snail mail and brightens our days amid the sea of drab bills.

Print Celebrates Design is a new competition that spotlights the very best work from designers like you. Don’t be shy; You know that invitation that you designed for your best friend’s wedding was something special. We want to see it! Or, what about the holiday greeting that your firm or company is sending to client’s this year? You know they’ll swoon, so send it to us, too.

Here are a few invites we couldn’t resist sharing:

Save the date by Matt & Jenn Laumann.

Wedding invitation by Mary Kunnath.

Paris Wedding Invitation by The Indigo Bunting.