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The Art of Print: Print 75th Anniversary Poster Designs

In honor of Print’s 75th anniversary, Debbie Millman asked 75 of the best creatives working today to design the word “print” with no direction beyond basic specs. Seventy-five creatives responded, offering reinterpretations of the Print masthead, reflections on the printed form, spins on Print’s history, and everything in between. They all, in one way or another, reveal an insight into the creator’s mind and the medium at large. Later, we featured a collection of 25 of the 75 exclusive designs, and they were even shown in a gallery at HOW Design Live 2015.

Now, we’re excited to announce that some of the Print75 posters created for Print’s 75th Anniversary are now available in Print’s official store, MyDesignShop!

All of these posters are 40% off 6/24 only! Enter code TAKE40MORE at checkout.

75th Anniversary of Print Limited Edition Poster Designs (Now Available in MyDesignShop)

Philippe Becker

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Aaron Draplin

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Mark Dudlik

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Matteo Bologna

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Louise Fili

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Jessica Hische

“For my Print 75 design, I wanted to play with different lettering styles-first the very recognizable masthead of Print itself, and a script. The script weaves in and out of the masthead, playing with dimensionality in a 2 dimensional format. I wanted the design to be modern but pay homage to traditional calligraphy and lettering styles.”

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