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The Beauty of Letterpress and Engraving

And now, two series that have been making us drool for quite a while: Neenah’s The Beauty of Engraving, and The Beauty of Letterpress, featuring commissioned work from Jessica Hische, Marian Bantjes, Design Army, Tad Carpenter, Armin Vit, and many others. It’s a print wonderland—and has benefited a great cause.

As background, here’s what Neenah had to say:

The Beauty of Engraving and The Beauty of Letterpress were conceived as companion sites to showcase the tantalizing possibilities of specialty printing by featuring the work of the designers and craftspeople who continue to reinvent how these print methods are used in modern communication.
 When we launched the Beauty of Letterpress, we couldn’t help but want to support the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. We also create and produce limited edition prints. The sale of these limited edition prints raised more than $15,000 (a lot of prints) and we matched that donation to help save Hamilton.”

Here’s a full rundown of the ongoing series:

Design by Kevin Cantrell; Engraving by Gottschall Engraving

Design by Christine McMahon, Two Paperdolls; Engraving by Artistry Engraving Company, Inc

Design by Jessica Hische; Engraving by Nussmeier Engraving Company

Design by Armin Vit; Engraving by BurdgeCooper

Design by Erik Marinovich; Engraving by The Artcraft Company

Design by Tad Carpenter; Letterpress by Elum

Design by Jennifer James; Letterpress by Rohner Letterpress

Design and Letterpress by Studio on Fire

Design by Nick Sherman; Letterpress by Boxcar Press

Design by Mikey Burton; Letterpress by Cranky Pressman

Design by Robynne Raye (art direction by Dalton Webb); Letterpress by Mandate Press

Design by Ghost Design; Letterpress by Two Paperdolls

Design by Design Army; Letterpress by Mama’s Sauce

Design by Marian Bantjes; Letterpress by Full Circle Press

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