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The Big Bang Theory Part Two

Klaas Verplancke, illustrator, animator and art director from Brugge, Belgium, has done a bang up job again. Verplancke‘s smartly conceived and wittily designed second “promo” publication once again makes me happy just to look at it. “Just the idea that Verplancke invested in a printed tabloid paper in this digital age to show off his very clever offerings, earns him a place in the illustration pantheon” I wrote over a year ago. Now he tells me more about his present and future plans for BANG! here.

Second, I wanted to play with the short lifespan of a newspaper and turn it into a high quality printed and designed publication. A one day paper that changes into limited and exclusive collector’s item, that was a contradiction that fascinated me and gave me the opportunity to show my portfolio in an unusual, new environment.

Context determines the message and meaning of an image. A different design can reveal a different visual story. That’s how I came up with the idea to use BANG! also as a showcase for a talented young graphic designer. A unique fusion between graphic design and illustration, this is what BANG! is about.

This issue has been art-directed by Tim Bisschop. He is a cutting edge book designer, and I wanted to challenge him in designing a tabloid.

There’s a strong AD behind every victorious illustrator. Many AD’s are illustrators and think as an illustrator. Every illustrator should think as an AD or an editor as well. Illustration is not only about the idea and the art, but also about being fast, reliable, consistent and professional in an ever evolving market. It’s not only about how it looks like, but how it works. Making BANG! broadens my vision as an illustrator, as well as my experience from an art director’s standpoint.

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