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The Daily Heller: Illustration for Isolation

In response to the #CombatCovid initiative launched by PRINT and Poster House, Mirko Ilic’s MFA Illustration as Visual Essay students at School of Visual Arts (SVA NYC) immediately rallied. Some striking, elegant and witty work was produced. And since all of these grad students have been hunkered down, many of them alone or distanced from roommates and family, isolation—the need for and consequences of de-socializing —were the primary themes. The broad range of concept reveals how there are many lenses through which to view social distancing and represent the collective experience of the pandemic.

Here is an initial sampling from members of Ilic’s class.

Noah MacMillan

Abanti Chowdhury

Carles Garcia ODowd

Yichin Chen

Arif Qazi

John Rego

Carly Larsson

Sarah Myers

Flora Bai

Danlin Zhang

Sanika Phawde

Simiao Wang

Hwarim Lee

Nadia Xu

Nadia Xu

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