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The Daily Heller: Covimojis Free to Emote

Current Emojis (which In the early 1990s evolved from primitive digital emoticons, like the ubiquitous smiley faces that go back to the ancient 1960s) may survive the next 2000 years as our civilization’s hieroglyphs and the online databases showing them may become the Rosetta Stones (Rosettacons) of the future. So, to add more pictorial verbiage to the linguistic needs of today’s besieged digital media, New York City design firm &Walsh has created scores of timely, new cornonamojis, which they are bestowing on the world for free!

“We’ve prepped them to be used as Slack emojis, Instagram stories stickers (we’re uploading them on Giphy), iMessage stickers and WhatsApp stickers,” says founder Jessica Walsh. “We have a set that’s catered towards graphic designers and another set that is for wider audiences relating to WFH and life in 2020.”

Here are all the links:

Why is &Walsh making these?

“Now more than ever we need more ways to express ourselves since communication is all digital,” she says. “We’re also all going through unique and difficult times in 2020 that call for new language. We hope these can provide some delight or comic relief to people’s day … or just make it a little easier to communicate how shitty you’re feeling!”

&Walsh plans to release these tomorrow, Thursday, April 23. And In addition to releasing the emojis and memes, &Walsh has organized a little contest for their audience to create their own memes with these emojis based on life as it is today! “The winner will get some cool prizes” from @andwalsh.

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