• Steven Heller

The Daily Heller: Memorial Day, Texas-Style

Anne M. Giangiulio is an associate professor of design at University of Texas at El Paso. For the end of this most unusually difficult of semesters she gave her intro students a final assignment with a really tight deadline “so they intentionally wouldn’t overthink it,” she told me. “I basically wanted them to design a poster that would help them process this semester and this pandemic visually in a way that would bring them catharsis—be that serious or silly, or that reflected their personal way of coping with it all. I am so thrilled by the results, especially because every student told me they loved working on them. I also designed one in solidarity with them.” The results are another example of how the coronavirus has co-opted the creative conversation—and how the creative spirit is as resilient as the human body.

Alvaro Abasta

Viviana Arellanes

Erick Bustos

Ashley Garcia

Maria Margarita Gomez

Christian Garcia

Jasmine De La Canal

Anne M. Giangiulio

Dana Booker

Noelle Marquez

Bryan Ponce

Cassandra Dreher

Ariadna Gonzalez

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