• Steven Heller

The Daily Heller: Post or Die!

"From the Trenches: One day less, one more design. Design is on fire" is the motto of Col·legi Oficial Disseny Grafic Catalunya's COVID-19 poster attack. The Barcelona-based professional and student design organization has amassed more than 1,200 posters from more than 60 countries, and more are promised every day.

From this extraordinary collection, produced during this heartbreaking time, the organizers plan to produce a book already in the pipeline; from the selections edited for the book, the organizers will also create a virtual gallery linked to the official website of the Col·legi as a permanent exhibition of this historical period.

"After the huge success of this proposal and all the encouragement and support received from people and institutions worldwide," writes organizer Jesus Del Hoyo Arjona, who adds he is proud that "the Graphic Designers’ Association of Catalonia, the first and only of its kind in Spain, will hold a 'Barcelona World Poster Biennial Meeting.' Although we cannot say that graphic design is the cure for the present pandemic, it is also true that to inform, to identify and to encourage certain behaviors are among its capacities, and these are essential aspects in all areas of individual and social behavior." Learn more here.

Noor Udin Ung, Indonesia

Ali Zourmand, Iran

Xu Wei, China

László 2 Hegedűs, Hungary

László 2 Hegedűs, Hungary

Patrycja-Longawa, Poland

Hitoshi Miura, Japan

Farnaz Nasiripour, Iran

Dmitry Mirilenko, Russia

Fernando Ellakuria, Spain

Damian Klaczkiewicz, Poland

Naufan Noordyanto, Indonesia

Naandeyé García Villegas, México

Jianfei Lu, China

Sevgi ARI, Turkey

Adrian Lis, Romania

Agnieszka Węglarska, Poland

Álvaro Bautista, Spain