• Steven Heller

The Daily Heller: Presenting the Masters of German Plakatstil

Stay tuned for an exclusive for Daily Heller readers. We are pleased to announce that you now have free access to Adolfo Conti's Plakat: The Beginning of Modern Advertising, winner of the Fine Arts Film Festival's Best Short Documentary Award. Simply head to the aforementioned link and type in password plakat2018.

Conti's film is the first to capture the ambiance of the early 20th century during the machine age when intrepid advertising artists were pushing boundaries of style and content. The film focuses on three masters: Lucian Bernhard (Berlin), Ludwig Hohlwein (Munich) and Julius Klinger (Vienna). Combining interviews with experts, original work and materials from the era, the film evokes a sense of being in the hotbed of design between the World Wars, when graphic artists were the celebrities of this introduction to the modern (and moderne) world.