• Steven Heller

The Design Of Genocide

The artifacts of horror, terror and murder were all designed by someone. In this first of three volumes, A Glimpse of Evil by Norbert Podlesny and Daniel de Vareness is a collection (pages and examples below) of never-seen-before evidence of Holocaust branding and reveals the actual “designing” it required to carry out the Nazi war against the Jews. In addition to the brands of genocide is a wealth of the photographic evidence, and of how it was accomplished throughout Poland. As well we see some of the propaganda that flowed like a river throughout Nazi Germany. Much of this material has been shown in dozens (indeed hundreds) of other books, but these in A Glimpse of Evil (published in Poland) were previously unknown even to me.

Zazous stars represented French anti-Nazi and anti-Vichy youth who wore these stars as protest.

Rationing coupons for foodstuffs issued and used in the Warsaw Ghetto.

This sign (similar to the “Whites Only” labels in the American South said “Only For Germans.”

Badge worn by Zagreb, Croation Jews (Zidov) starting in May 1941.

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