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The Next Wave of Desk Design

When brothers Stefan and Achim Reifer took over their family’s small woodworking business in Northern Italy in 2015, they were not interested in producing nostalgic designs. The output of F.LLI Reifer Custom in the years since has indeed been forward-thinking, and that is perhaps on display more than ever in their latest offering: Mizu.

The collection in three styles comprises a set of large-scale sculptural desks and tables in Canaletto walnut, designed by Eberhard Mitterrutzner. Inspired by the natural curvature of wood shavings, as well as ocean waves (“mizu” is Japanese for “water”), the pieces utilize 10 single layers of wood that are bent at a 30-degree angle, a technique that Mitterrutzner developed with F. LLI Reifer Custom. Each installment—limited to nine—is the result of around 800 hours of handmade production time (entirely in Italy), and weighs in at nearly 1,000 pounds.

And contrary to what you might think, the desks are very much functional—they feature hidden power sockets, USB charging outlets, as well as solid wood drawers and other elements.

Please, though: Use a coaster.

Here’s a look at the series.

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