• Steven Heller

The Three Plakateers

In 1905 the first modern advertising poster was created: bold eye-catching lettering with flat colors; simplified shapes and objects and the composition focused on a central object. The Plakatstil was born. Lucian Bernhard, Ludwig Hohlwein, Julius Klinger: these were the three plakateers who revolutionized the approach to advertising and left a heritage of ideas that are influential today. They turned away from the complexity of Art Nouveau and propagated a more modern outlook on poster art. Each of them created a style of his own, each of them came up with original solutions, each of them made different choices in their lives. Through their works and their destinies we will tell the story of the birth of modern advertising. Three different but equally dramatic fates. Ludwig Hohlwein worked in Nazi propaganda, Lucian Bernhard left Germany for the United States, Julius Klinger died in a concentration camp.

Coming soon the first film on these designer/artists, Plakat: The Birth of Modern Advertising directed by Adolfo Conti, winner of the Best Documentary Short at The Fine Arts Film Festival 2018 (Venice, California).

Lucian Bernhard

Ludwig Hohlwein.

Julius Klinger.

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