• Steven Heller

The Vignelli Bunny

Long lost, the DH has just uncovered (thanks to Mark Randall of World Studio) rare images of the Vignelli Bunny, who in 1987 was briefly a fixture around the legendary Vignelli studio. Devised by designers Randall and Sarah Riegelmann, the Bunny, which began as a distraction to pass the time during slow work periods, developed into a studio production that involved the master Massimo Vignelli himself with a cameo from a young Michael Bierut, before he hopped over to Pentagram, and Vignelli employee Rebecca Rose.

Here is an excerpt of the slide show in two parts: Bunny In The Office and Bunny Puns (note “Bunny and Cher,” “Klaus Bun Bulow,” “Bunoculars,” “Moribund,” “The Flying Bun,” “Robunson Caruso” and “Hot Crossed Bunny.”)

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