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Weekend Heller: Rome Has Seen ‘Em All, But Not Trump

I’m in Rome where there ain’t no Trumps, Trumpetetoes or Trumpolini. Thank heavens. OK, the Romans had their Augustus and the other Caesars …

ca. 27-25 B.C. — Bronze Head of Augustus — Image by © Sandro Vannini/CORBIS

Benito Mussolini was nothing to joke about either (although being hung upside down at a filling station in Milan with his mistress and comrades was morbidly funny, but not worth over 20 years of fascism).

It’s difficult to even think that such a thing is possible in the country that’s always been great enough (thanks but no thanks, Mr. Trump).

To help wipe the brain clean, I support Robbie Conal’s plan to plaster the country with the poster above. He’s planning poster attacks (which must remain hush-hush), but for individual copies signed by Robbie, click here. As Conal says, “If your Dad is grumpy about Trumpy, we’re there for him! Makes a great Father’s Day gift!”

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