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These Songs Go to 11!

Today being 11/11/11, and officially National Metal Day, we thought we’d have to find a way to celebrate. Now, most of us here at Print aren’t exactly metalheads—we lean toward the punker side of things—but we’ve been known to dabble in the epic notes of teenage doom. So, without further ado: a Spotify playlist featuring some our favorite metal (and metal-ish) tracks of all time.

For those of you who don’t use Spotify, here’s the playlist by track:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Man Spinal Tap: Heavy Duty Mclusky: To Hell With Good Intentions Machine Head: The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears Guns n’ Roses: You’re Crazy Death From Above 1979: Dead Womb Double Dagger: The Psychic Slayer: Spill The Blood Ram Jam: Black Betty Megadeth: Public Enemy No. 1 Russian Circles: Death Rides a Horse Hella: Biblical Violence An Albatross: I Am the Lazer Viking And So I Watch You from Afar: Search:Party:Animal The Sword: Arrows in the Dark Turbonegro: City of Satan Bikini Kill: New Radio Carcass: Blind Leading the Blind Arnocorps: Terminator Gojira: The Heaviest Matter in the Universe Future of the Left: Small Bones Small Bodies Led Zeppelin: Immigrant Song 7 Year Bitch: Miss Understood Black Sabbath: Snow Blind Motörhead: Breaking the Law Iron Maiden: Fear of the Dark Pantera: Fucking Hostile ISIS: So Did We Misfits: Where Eagles Dare Eagles of Death Metal: Cherry Cola Mastodon: Cut You Up with a Linoleum Knife Iron Maiden: The Wicker Man Danzig: Mother

Don’t be shy about critiquing our choices. Think you can do better? Tell us! And may you all rock hard this weekend.