• Heidi Meredith

Thesis Making

In my thesis research and development semester, our teacher offered us a methodology for making, to get us to jump off that tentative cliff of “where do I start?” With our thesis ideas freshly hatched we came up with five related key concepts (a few words that would supplement our main idea) and then just started drawing, and drawing. And drawing. We drew those key concepts twelve times, for a total of 60 drawings. Then we brought them into the computer, vectorized them, and combined them through various steps. Then we combined again. And again. Then we did this whole process over again with found images. Then we combined the vector art with the images. Then we combined again. Then we whittled down. And through this system we developed three posters.

This method of “free drawing” and making without over-thinking it has been really helpful for me. Yes, in grad school you have time to draw absently and not really know your outcome, but this methodology of making is something I hope to carry with me through my whole career. It’s good practice for drawing, thinking, and exploring.