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This Is MY Book

Petr Brátka, Cechoslovakia

I wonder what will take the place of bookplates with e-books. I presume a digital equivalent could exist. Or maybe the form will simply disappear. Before it does, however, Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione, the incredible type and printing musuem in Cornuda, Treviso, Italy, has published a book of bookplates produced during their 2005 Ex Libris International Competition, titled Il Carattere Del Segno (available here: www.tipoteca.it info@tipoteca.it)

The rules are typically Italian: The winner is used as the Museum’s primary Ex Libris. Participation was open to artists from all countries, with no more than five entries from each individual. The techniques were etching, engraving and drypoint. NO photo-mechanical reproduction was accepted (take that digital!). The engraved portion must be no larger than 15 cm x 10 cm and no less than 9 cm x 6 cm. The text Tipoteca Italiana must be legible in classical type.

Six top awards were bestowed, as well as honorable mentions. I’ve reproduced those that appeal to me. Including a top winner. Can you guess which is my favorite?

Denis Reutow, Russia

Ettore Antonini, Italy

Adrian Giacchetti, Italy

Antoon Vermeylen, The Nederlands

Csaba Sa 'rosi, Italy

Roman Mucha

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