• Jessica Deseo

Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Designers to Follow This Week

On the hunt for some visual inspiration, or a shot of hope on the horizon? In our weekly Instagram roundup, we hope to give you exactly that. Here are 10 accounts to follow.

@sergidelgado: Typographical dreams to inspire your senses.

@cécile.dormeau: Timely illustrations with a female point of view that will have you laughing, relating and waiting for the next illustration to double tap.

@latinamericandesign: Latin America is booming with design. Get inspired by this year’s latest design competition.

@mr_kat_and_friends: Jamie Alvarez brings to life charming characters through his animations. (Is anyone else getting Gumby vibes … but way better?)

@central.type: Type that animates; type in monochromatic form; type that inspires.

@cerealguides: Curated photos with exceptional lighting and composition. The brainchild of Cereal Magazine.

@atpcdesign: Step into the mind of illustrator Nathan Walker—his love for sneakers, sports, type and family illustrations, all in one account.

@sydeo_juice: Street style with a counterculture psychedelic feel that brings the ’60s into the 2020s.

@zzdesign: An inside look into the personality of Mr. Dazzle himself, Zipeng Zhu, who will dazzle you with impactful typography and colors.

@quotesbychristie: In need of a pick-me-up? Graphic designer Christina Scotch brings to life quotes that will inspire through their messages, as well as their unique typographical compositions.

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