• Jessica Deseo

Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Designers to Follow This Week

On the hunt for some visual inspiration, or a shot of hope on the horizon? In our weekly Instagram roundup, we hope to give you exactly that. Here are 10 accounts to follow this Friday.

@alec_tear: Typographic dreams by Alec Tear.

@byfutura: Mexican agency that’s “weaving meanings, designing brands.”

@ristalter: British designer Harry Richards’ feed is filled with inspirational typography.

@dsierra: Spanish designer David Sierra brings bold colors to life with unique illustrations and thick lines.

@georgestoyanov: Bulgarian designer George Stoyanov’s explorations of shapes and colors mesmerize.

@tinaessmaker: The former Great Discontent editor delivers tips on navigating career transitions that will resonate with anyone—especially designers.

@kunelgaur: Designer Kunel Gaur serves up monochromatic recreations that will leave you wanting to simplify everything.

@terracottaprints: A curated feed of messages, posters and inspiration.

@t_rez: Artist Tommy Perez brings everyday items to life through paper.

@helen_dardik: Step into the life of Helen Dardik, who showcases her illustrations—and as a bonus, her time-lapse process videos.

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