• Jessica Deseo

Top 10 Instagram Accounts for Designers to Follow This Week

On the hunt for some visual inspiration, or a shot of hope on the horizon? In our weekly Instagram roundup, we hope to give you exactly that. Here are 10 accounts to follow this Friday.

@jkrglobal: Design agency based in New York, London, Singapore and Shanghai, whose clients include Dunkin’, School of Visual Arts and Dieline.

@mauroporcini: Chief Design Officer of Pepsi Co. who has a passion for all things design, innovation and shoes.

@artofplay: Get inspired by the intrigue of playing card design, from the detailed embellishments to the printing techniques.

@bybadal: Badal Patel is a graphic designer based in New York City whose aesthetic and point of view are showcased beautifully within her feed.

@snasksthlm: Swedish studio that’s categorized as a “religious organization”—but don’t be fooled by their antics. Their work includes art direction, branding and design.

@isaactaracks: 3D artist based in New York City who provides process tips and tricks that will leave you mesmerized, one square at a time.

@punodostres: This design entrepreneur founded @ilovecreatives, a one-stop portal for anyone looking to up their skills via different courses or become part of a community.

@rikbracho: Graphic designer based in Mexico whose eye for typography and art direction is quite pleasing.

@pupila.co: Design studio based in Costa Rica. Their sense of humor and love of coffee, futbol and, of course, design, all in one Instagram account.

@covidartmuseum: The world’s first museum for art born during the COVID-19 quarantine.

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