• Steven Heller

Two Pieces of Purgatory Pie, Please

If you are in the Pacific Northwest and a D.Y.I. printing maven, treat yourself to “Magic Books and Paper Toys” with Esther K. Smith, co-proprietor of Purgatory Pie Press, at the Seattle Center for Book Arts. She’ll reveal an array of tricky book forms from a myriad of traditions: hexaflexagons, magic wallets, simple pop-ups, origami-based forms, exquisite corpses, animations, jewelry books, etc. You can learn to make quick models, and then finish them, embellish with your favorite stamps, collage materials, stickers, buttons and beads. Here is where to register.

And if you act now (as they say on TV) you can also attend “PurgaColor© and Other Secrets of Purgatory Pie Press – Printmaking on the Letterpress” with the other Puragtory Pie man, Dikko Faust at the same location. Explore letterpress as a printmaking medium. Learn to edition painterly techniques such as feathering, collagraph, colorization. Make texture and collage plates. He says “type high is the only rule! IF IT FITS ON THE PRESS WE WILL LETTERPRESS IT.” Here’s where to register.

For more about PPP go here. And more courses go here.

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