• Chloe Gordon

Type Tuesday: How Would You Create With the 2000s-Inspired Triakis Font Family?

Inspired by the early 00s video game graphics, Triakis, a font designed by Bydani, is simple yet full of geometric elements. It's engaging how the typeface looks contemporary yet pulls so much inspiration from the past. The design options are quite unlimited with multiple weight options, but the designs this font seems most fitting for are technology, sports, or event-driven creations. However, it would be fascinating to see this font used for something completely unexpected as Triakis is stylish through its futuristic geometric characteristics.

Triakis is an exciting geometric typeface, inspired by the futuristic forms of 2000's retro video games. It has a bold voice, keeping the simplicity and strength from futurist geometric typefaces with a fresh and stylish rework. It has been designed as a variable font with 6 different weights in order to give lots of options and access to unique type looks. Its distinctive character and numerous variables make it a versatile and stylish workhorse, perfect for interfaces, packaging, signage branding, etc.

Project Credits

Bydani | @dani.bydani

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