• Chloe Gordon

Type Tuesday: Taklobo Was Inspired By Giant Clams

John David Maza created the typeface Taklobo. This font is distinct in its look, but its source of inspiration is also pretty out there.

If you've ever heard of the world's largest living bivalve mollusks, you might've guessed that these giant clams incited this font. With its distinctly proportioned curves and circular nature, this font would be ideal for more modern and eclectic headlines or oversized designs. Think front page of a publication or the title of a funky poster announcing your community clam bake.

Taklobo is a display typeface designed to resemble the proportions and curves of the world's largest living bivalve mollusks—the giant clams, locally known as Taklobo—found in threatened numbers off the shores of the Philippines.

Project Credits

John David Maza

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