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Type Tuesday: The Toy Box That is “Gimme”

For anyone who laments that type design today is boring … we submit to you Gimme v. 0.1, a delightful in-progress release from Typearture (aka Arthur Reinders Folmer). It began, appropriately, with a Battleship battle against Folmer’s nephew—“I was hit with a realization: Hey, you could make type with these things! Of course I promptly lost as well”—and grew from there.

The face has two families of two styles, and a bonus variable color font, and can be purchased at Future Fonts.

Game on.

From the foundry:

Gimme is the kid in class who got everything, from the latest toy as seen on TV to a tricked out BMX bike. It’s the only person you knew with the complete Playmobil Victorian Mansion or USS Flagg, and now, this can be you! Gimme is a dazzling ever-growing type family of multichromatic and variable display typefaces which will leave you saying: Gimme more! And you are in luck, because updates will deliver on that! We start out with a family of two:
  1. Battleboats (2 styles)

  2. Constructo (2 styles and a variable color font) Fire some shots with a game of battleship, or take time to be constructive with some meccano. Inspired by a box full of toys, more will be added as we go along, creating new families, expanding the current ones and adding new features. And the more allowance, the more it will grow!

Images: Future Fonts

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