• Steven Heller

Valnoir Puts the Iron in Irony

I was introduced to the work of Paris-based Valnoir of Metastazis Studio when MIrko Ilic, not known for squeamishness, showed me photos of the designer/artist printing posters with his own blood. “Now that’s an investment,” I thought, and was about to turn away with my hand holding my stomach, until I saw the result. This Valnoir guy is good. Not just the chances he takes (including sewing a poster to his body) but the intricacy of his stylistic explorations. A new bookFire Work With Me: 15 Years of Metastazis Studio Collected Works (Timeless Press), shows the evolution and devolution of art and soul, body and mind, in an exquisite yet disturbing compilation. The book and work, much of it gouged with irony for metal and politics and heavy political metal bands, is not for everyone, but everyone should take a look.

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