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33 Brilliant Graphic Design and Paper Ads From the ’60s

Print has been acquired by an independent group of collaborators—Deb Aldrich, Laura Des Enfants, Jessica Deseo, Andrew Gibbs, Steven Heller and Debbie Millman—and soon enough, we’ll be back in full force with an all-new look, all-new content and a fresh outlook for the future! In the meantime, we’re looking back at some of our favorite pieces. Enjoy.

Dating back to 1940, Print‘s archive is vast, daunting and deep, and it’s an incredible visual wonderland to get lost in. We once spelunked into the stacks and emerged with an array of largely black-and-white design and printer ads from the 1950s, ranging from the absurd to the charming. Now, Print goes color: Here are the vintage graphic design ads from the ’60s—featuring the likes of Paul Rand and Bob Gill. Viewed back to back, the visual evolution in a single decade is stunning.

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