• Steven Heller

A Man of Many Trademarks, Barcelona 1800s

You can learn a lot from old logos. If you were to design or register your factory, fishery or winery trademark (or logo) in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Barcelona, this is how: You’d make a copy or sketch, paste it in an album and write in the pertinent information. I found this while rummaging at a book fair some years ago. After missing for some time, it recently surfaced and I was compelled to find out any information that might provide insight to its origins. Thanks Interweb!

This record of vintage trademarks belonged to Romul Bosch y Alsina (1852-1923) a Catalan physician, politician and businessman—a real over achiever. In 1867 he moved to Santo Domingo to work and then to Havana, Cuba. In 1876 ​​he returned to Catalonia and became a leading exporter of wines (labels and marks for which are shown below). In 1884 he founded the finanacial company Crédito y Docks and shipping concern Naviera Pinillos ], which took precious cargoes to Cuba. In 1892 he built the Bosch and Alsina House in the Plaza de Cataluña.

He was president of the Board of Works of the port of Barcelona. During this time expansion and modernization began, and he was responsible for the design of Port Vell (the ‘old harbor’). In the general elections of 1899 and 1910 he was elected deputy to the Congress by the Liberal Party. Between July and December 1905 he was mayor of Barcelona.

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