• Callie Budrick

Wander Magazine: 34 Women From Around the Globe Illustrate Their 2021 Dreams

2020 was a difficult (read: terrible) year, but following the Great Conjunction and COVID-19 vaccines finally being doled out around the world, we have cause for optimism in 2021. Wander, a digital magazine illustrated by numerous women around the world, chose the new year as the topic of their most recent issue. The theme is specifically “My dreams for 2021,” featuring a cover illustration by Erin Robinson.

Wander focuses on “building a global community of creative expression.” After the first issue’s success—centered around the question “how do you find inspiration in 2020?”—the editors decided to continue to build on the narrative by focusing on the new year instead of the one that, at time of publication, had nearly passed.

The 34 chosen illustrators from nine different countries did not see each other’s work prior to the issue’s publication, but themes began to emerge in the pieces. From political change to personal growth, the gorgeously detailed works are well-worth getting lost in.

“I was blown away by the quality of work that came into our inboxes every day. It was like opening up presents,” says Sara Quinn, design educator and founder of the magazine. “I think that’s the kind of lift that our readers experience, too.”

Learn more about Wander and view the digital issue on their website wandermag.design.