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Weekend Heller: AIGA Archives

This is the era of design archives. More of them are emerging, particularly as Baby Boomer and Gen X designers are reaching periods of divestiture in their lives. Some of the best archives are at SVA NYC (Milton Glaser Study Center), Cooper Union (Herb Lubalin Study Center), Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) (where the Vignelli collection and more is housed) and Yale University (where Paul Rand’s archive is housed), but there are many more, including the AIGA under the direction of Heather Strelecki.

Information about the archives and special collections can be found at http://www.aiga.org/design-archives-info. More than 1,500 unique items are housed in this archive. The bulk of the collection consists of printed records created by and/or for AIGA, including:

  1. Exhibition catalogues and design annuals documenting the selections from AIGA competitions since 1915 (book design to commercial graphics, to TV commercials and print advertisements);

  2. Newsletters and journals published since 1922 (the story of AIGA can be read in these boxes);

  3. AIGA conference materials produced since 1985 (registration posters, postcards, programs).Exhibition catalogues and some special collections have been digitized and made available an

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