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Weekend Heller – April 5, 2013

Who Doesn’t Love Letterpress?

 Neenah Paper announces the launch of The Beauty of Letterpress, a website that celebrates letterpress printing and its creators with the first virtual, community-based gallery of modern letterpress samples and resources.

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The Meaning of Obnoxious

Beppe del Greco in Milan is publishing his own magazine titled Obnoxious. The reason for the title is simple: The roots are in latin (nocere, being harmful + ob, a prefix meaning toward, to, on, over, against). Beppe writes:

The meaning sounded perfect to my ears to become the name of this little magazine I was growing  in my head, because I wanted it to be set on multiplicity,  away from distilled and quintessential minimalisms, loud, noisy, mixed, contradictory and inappropriate, made out of ugly, dusty, unpleasant materials (taken from the intellectual and visual trash bins I could have access to) with scarce or none at all value as I found them (obnoxious, in a word). When the first five issues of Obnoxious are finished, the magazine will be monthly distributed for free in bookshops and elsewhere, also having an on-line window which should have the same contents of the printed matter: I will not sell anything, I’ll just offer it for free and people can pick it up, look at it, think about it, or throw it in the trash.

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A New School

The new Dutch Graphic Design Summer School “Open Set” consists of a two-week series of workshops within a studio environment. The workshops emphasize the interaction between noted Dutch and International graphic designers. This year’s edition takes place in Breda, The Netherlands, from 19th till 31st of August 2013.

The event is an independent student initiative, supported by Graphic Design Festival Breda and St.Joost Art Academy. Learn more here.

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