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Weekend Heller: Christmas and Cold War

It’s Christmas Eve tonight and a fitting moment to share the things that we treasure. This 1962 issue of Evergreen Review (where in the early 1970s I was briefly art director) includes two of my all-time favorite satiric artists—Tomi Ungerer and R.O. Blechman (idols when I was growing up, heroes today). Evergreen eventually became a full-size magazine from this earlier quarto format, and was filled with important authors, artists, cartoonists and photographers, but this more literary, modest journal incarnation was nonetheless a treat for this Cold War–born 12-year-old.

Ungerer’s cover took on the cliches of the holiday while Blechman’s “Cold War” expressed the unease that most of my generation felt during the Kennedy era about relations with the USSR, East and West Berlin and later Cuba. Still, I recall this issue, which I have preserved from back then, with great fondness. It also recalls my passion for making my own such art.

Happy Holidays are due us all, before the fall into the abyss on Jan. 20, 2017. This is the time for more Evergreens.

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