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Weekend Heller: Election Fever at Wolfsonian

The great Wolfsonian Museum in Miami Beach is offering a host of election year special events and parties. Here are a few:

Paul Sahre

Thoughts on Democracy: Freedom to Vote 2016 Aug. 26–Nov. 8 A graphic remix project developed in collaboration with designer/author Steven Heller, Thoughts on Democracy: Freedom to Vote 2016 revisits The Wolfsonian’s groundbreaking experiment in politically charged design from 2008. For this cycle, four contemporary designers—Mirko Ilić, Oliver Munday, Paul Sahre and Bonnie Siegler—are unveiling new poster commissions that re-envision the politics of Norman Rockwell’s Four Freedoms posters through the lens of the American voting process today. Beyond FDR’s “four essential human freedoms” (Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom From Want, and Freedom From Fear), these artists explore the fifth that underlies them all: our Freedom to Vote.

The Politics of -Isms Aug. 18–Jan. 22 Inspired by Thoughts on Democracy: Freedom to Vote 2016, this timely library installation of historic ephemera will examine how labels such as fascism, communism and socialism shaped American electoral campaigns of the 20th century.

Think and Drink: Fascism, Communism and Cocktails (Oh My!) – Part 1 Sept. 23 Terms like “fascism” are oft-heard, but what do they really mean? Not to brag, but The Wolf knows a thing or two about 20th-century politics, and we’re here to set the record straight. Join a Wolfsonian curator and an outside expert to tour the collection, grab a drink, and get to the bottom of the -isms.

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