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Weekend Heller: Hate Posters, Good Books

Why Libraries?

The digital invasion is not the end of book repositories. So says, this “commercial for libraries” collaboratively created by librarians from the member colleges of the Association of Colleges of Art and Design. Included are testimonials from artists, designers, and writers including Carole Caroompas (Otis), Meg Cranston (Otis), Suzanne Lacy (Otis), Milton Glaser (School of the Visual Arts), Scott Grieger (Otis), Steven Heller (School of the Visual Arts), Ellen Lupton (Maryland Institute College of Art), Terry Myers (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Chris Whittey (Cleveland Institute of Art).

Director: Sue Maberry. Videographer: Sarah Morton.

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Hate on Paper

As part of the Festival of Tolerance in Sarajevo, Mirko Ilic organized the opening of the “Antimasonic Posters from 1941-42” Show in Sarajevo at the Galerija 11/07/95 from Oct 24 until November 4th. Anti-semitic caricatures haven’t lost their potency. There are 17 posters in the show. These hate posters were created to announce the Nazi anti-masonic show in Belgrade in 1941. They were part of the German Nazi anti-masonic and anti-Jewish propaganda. Ilic also designed the poster.

Branko Lustig, producer of Shindler’s List, Black Hawk Down, Gladiator and more.

Branko Lustig and Tarik Samarah director of “Gallery 07/11/95.”

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