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Weekend Heller: Filiworld

Thursday night’s opening of “Louise Fili: The Masters Series” at The School of Visual Arts (209 E. 23rd St., New York City), was packed with attendees walking through the simulated Parisian and Italian streets, through the vintage storefronts and into the spaces that, like 19th-century tableau vivant, showed a life’s work of typographic elegance, historical acuity and fervent devotion to beautiful and functional graphic design, packages, logos, signs, wood type and, of course, books.

Designed by Kevin O’Callaghan, chairman of SVA’s 3D Design and Illustration program, everything from the incredible wall-hangings to the stage set environments framed Fili’s remarkable output. Here are the pictures that speak louder than my awestruck words. The exhibition is on view now through Dec. 10, open every day except Sundays. Watch the first of the SVA Subway Series videos featuring Fili discussing her recent SVA poster.

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