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Weekend Heller: Naziwood, Sixteen Pages, Glaser’s Sprocket

Hollywood or Naziwood

The same day that this story appeared in the New York Times reporting on the forthcoming book, The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact With Hitler, accusing 1930s Hollywood moguls (many who were Jewish) as “collaborators” with the Nazis “in an effort to protect the German market for their movies,”  I received the book jacket below (from veteran creative director Mark Kingsley).

The editors focus on the films Love Camp 7 and Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS introducing what film historians call the “sleaze” film. The precursor of caricatures in Heavy Metal comics and video games today.

Strange bedfellows?

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 Anything Goes in Sixteen Pages

The premise devised by Pietro Corraini, founding editor of Un Sedicesimo, is an artist or designer can do anything they want in one sixteen (sedicesimo) page signature. Well, virtually anything.

Milton Glaser Tells Time

Milton Glaser has a new line of clocks (and soon matching wrist watches). The ultra-thin Sprocket plastic wall clock, available at MoMA, with both a number and a color spectrum, displays time in an unconventional way. A rotating disk with a circular hole reveals the hour, while the red hand denotes minutes. Quartz movement. One button-cell battery included. Made by Kikkerland Design. See a video of its movement here.

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