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Weekend Heller: Reveling in Rand

Just returned from the MODA (Museum of Design Atlanta) exhibition Paul Rand: Defining Design, and if you have any reason to be in Atlanta do not miss it. The exhibition, curated by Daniel Lewandowski, creator of the website www.Paul-Rand.com, juxtaposes Rand’s best known designs with discussion of the design principles by which they were informed. In addition, short films, interviews, and examples of Rand’s persuasive writings will further illuminate this legendary designer’s thoughts on the design process. And even more . . . Culled from many collections are original collages and comps for some key work and many printed pieces that will surprise even the most avid Rand-fan. Here are some highlights:

Peachtree Street never looked so good.

One of the three large gallery and viewing spaces.

Rare El Producto packaging.

The exhibit follows Rand’s process through his words.

Didactic sections explore Rand’s philosophy.

Among the films, even old footage of Rand in conversation with me.

The original Colorforms package shows Rand at his most playful.

So rare, I never had seen it.

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