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Weekend Heller: Sutnar, SEGD, Ghettos

Sutnar Discussed Just in time for the holidays, the Cooper Hewitt has released their video to accompany their original holdings of Ladislav Sutnar (some shown on the video). The speakers are Radislav Sutnar, son of Ladislav and keeper of the flame, and myself at Cooper Hewitt’s temporary off-sight holdings warehouse and studio. See it here.

Designing the Environs SEGD (Society of Environmental Designers) announces its 40th Anniversary competition. See the names and projects here for the 2013.

The SEGD Global Design Awards were established in 1987 to recognize excellence in environmental graphic design. They are the only international design awards focused on communication in the built environment. Winning projects have included complex wayfinding systems, branding and identity work, retail and interior projects, exhibition and experience design, architectural signage programs, and public art installations.

“The awards program represent a convergence of many disciplines who work in the field including graphic designers, architects, information designers, exhibit designers, interactive designers and artists and define the best of work in Experience Design,” says Alan Jacobsen, 2014 chair. “Organization leaders, developers and city planners have come to understand the impact of this work on their brand and identity and the customer and visitor experience they deliver.  This work has proven economic impact.”

The SEGD awards is an international program. About 450 entries are expected for the 2014 round, 30% of which are submitted from firms outside the US.

The selected projects will help define the current state of design in the built environment, a field that inspires ongoing research, debate and discussion on the impact of Experience Design in the places we work play and live. Beginning with the 2014 awards, projects will be honored in five practice area categories: •   Exhibition •   Placemaking and Identity •   Public Installation •   Strategy/Research/Planning •   Wayfinding

The jury includes: Alina Wheeler, Designing Brand Identity author, designer Cliff Selbert, Selbert Perkins Zelda Harrison, past president of Cross Culture AIGA Wang Min, Central Academy of Fine Arts China Hillary Jay, Pres Center for AIA PHL Ken Carbone, Carbone Smolan Matthew Little NE University, School of Architecture Ceyda Artun (student) last year student award winner Alan Jacobson, chair

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Photographing the Final Solution Between 15,000 and 20,000 photographs were taken in the ghettos during World War II, in the countries annexed to the East, where the German army assembled the Jewish inhabitants overpopulated and unsanitary living areas.These ghettos were liquidated in 1942-1943, marking the first step in the Final Solution or mass murder of Central European Jews. Although the extermination process was put in place in great secrecy by the Nazi authorities, the first phase has, paradoxically, left considerable photographic documentation.

Mendel Grossman photographing the deportation of the Jews from the Lodz Ghetto.

A chilling exhibition of photographs casually shot by Nazi functionaries, soldiers and Jewish “Judenrat” officials present in black and white and shocking color  the prelude to the killing spree, as no other documentation has done before. At the The Shoah Memorial in Paris.

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