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Weekend Heller: Jackets, Cones and Steampunk

Book Jackets for the Crowdsourced Generation

Recovering The Classics is a crowdsourced collection of original covers for 50 of the greatest books in the public domain. All books are available for sale as both digital and softcover editions to support the artists involved. Recovering The Classics is a project of the Creative Action Network, a marketplace for connecting artists with the causes they care about, and DailyLit, a platform for delivering great fiction in short installments. Join the Classic pop-up show on Monday July 29 (see below).

Just Perfect for a Hot Summer Day

Gary Baseman’s glow-in-the-dark edition Creamy stands 5 inches tall as a limited edition of 200 pieces worldwide. These figures are featured at 3DRetro (Booth #5051) at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. One of Baseman’s most iconic characters, Creamy, who sits in his own pool of melted goodness, is available for $55.00, for goodness sake.

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You Can Get Anything You Want

Are you a clothes horse? Do you like dress-up? Are you into vintage? The web can satisfy your historical clothing appetite — anything from Victorian frocks to Steampunk accessories. Here are some examples of fine merchandise for your Fall and Winter galas.



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