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What I Learned in Munich

For the past four days I attended the QVED (Quo Vadis Editorial Design) conference in Munich, Germany. Aside from the great people and interesting conversations, I picked up some information worthy of sharing:

Stack: Magazines That Matter is a subscription service that sends one different independent magazine each month to your door. Founded by editor Steven Watson, the magazines that he curates are the best designed and produced of all the indies he has seen. For those of us who don’t get around much, this is the perfect way to have experimental print come to you (and me).

Coverjunkie is Dutch designer Jaap Bieman’s addiction to magazine covers and a daily shot of highlights from all around the world. “We celebrate ace covers and their inspirational designers (and yeah, Kate Moss),” he says.

Coverjunkie launched November 2010 and now has archived over 20,000 “of the most creative magazine highlights that reflect our visual culture, all accessible in one place.”

Gebrauchsgraphik, from 1924 to 1944, mostly under the publisher HK Frenzel, was the most important international journal of applied graphics. In this short span the magazine reflected in a unique way the design scene far beyond the borders of Germany. A Magazine As A Printed Window To The World Of Advertising by Patrick Rössler (Stiebner Verlag, hardcover, 200 pages, text in German and English) shows over 200 covers, and Rössler provides insight into a magazine that ranks high in graphic design history.

HOW Design Live 2015 With The Big Ticket, you can create your ideal design conference: Switch from in-house to packaging design sessions, and back again. Mix up your topics with typography, creativity and business sessions. Meet your design heroes and discover creatives doing innovative work.

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