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Why Did it Take Me 138 Days to Find J. Rippy?

I’m putting Jared Rippy in my file of “Design Activists.” First, he pulled me in with an incredible package design for ZAP. Not only does it scream “delicious!” the design borrows from my favorite Art Deco period. Rippy’s design is so amazing, I barely noticed the part that says “raw juice” or “unpasteurized.” And, even after I read all that, I’m still interested in getting my hands on ZAP.

Well played, Jared.

“Don’t be a bear” is a 2013 resolution to avoid the pitfalls of a bearish attitude. As a daily reminder, I will create a new bear each day, some of the illustrations will be pertinent to a particular bearish feeling I might be having that day and others will be more general.”

Here are some of my favorites (so far):

Day 107 J. Rippy

Day 111 J. Rippy

You can find J. Rippy at www.JaredRippy.com.


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