• Heidi Meredith

Wider White Space, Part 3 (with Project Projects)

The third student curated graphic design exhibition from California College of the Arts is Project Projects, a New York-based design studio. We’ve already seen exhibitions from APFEL and The Walker Art Institute.

The exhibition, titled “Meta Data,” attempted to show the graphic design work—as well as process—of Project Projects [incidentally Project Projects was the first of the special guest art directors Print magazine worked with in 2011]. The students carefully examined the physical work they had been given, as well as researched the way Project Projects works as a studio. Students also interviewed Project Projects team members using alphabetical questions, going from A to Z. After the research and investigation, the students honed in on the organized, structured, and systematic approach the studio takes in their work.

With this in mind, the students organized the exhibition on key words assigned to each project:

They then selected three major over-arching themes: Urbanism, Social Engagement, and Dialogue. Each of these words was given a color and the walls were painted that color.

Interesting aspects or spreads of the physical work was scanned and placed on its corresponding wall:

To take the systematic approach one step further, the walls were gridded by key words and the coordinates lead to the original work in the vitrines.

The exhibition was hyper-organized, as every detail was thought out, down to the myriad of keyword posters and their various incarnations.

Up next is our final student-curated exhibition with Experimental Jetset, which takes place on three synched TV screens!

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