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Wunderkammer of Color: November 2013 Edition

Greetings, color fans! Here are my latest, juiciest chromatic finds:

A new “Boro Taxi” hybrid cab, via the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission: http://www.nyc.gov/html/tlc/html/industry/shl.shtml

Are they wasabi- or pea-green? Nuclear Granny Smith or—my controversially favorite color—highlighter yellow? Whatever hue you assign to them, New York City’s hybrid fleet of “Boro taxis” hit the city’s streets last August and, more recently, The New York Times. Licensed to cruise only in the cab-starved outer boroughs, already 1,000 Boro taxis circulate the city with permits available for 5,000 more.

I stumbled across these while researching a post on why so many taxis are yellow for Slate. I was particularly tickled when the Times quoted Thomas Bosket, Parsons color theory prof (whom I interviewed for Print with his colleague Langdon Graves in a twopart series). Bosket’s quote is so delicious, it deserves repeating: “I love the robustness [of the color…but] if you’re going to reference an apple, then reference an apple, and give it some humanity. Don’t design something that’s like a plastic toilet brush.” Well played, sir!

For perhaps too much color and humanity, I give you Nexus Vomitus, a mashup art piece combining performance art with music by “abjection artist” Millie Brown and opera singers Patricia Hammond and Zita Syme. Watch if you dare here.

Nexus Vomitus by Millie Brown via http://showstudio.com/project/nexus_vomitus

A disturbing non-fiction take on colors and ingestion comes to you via Fast Company’s Co.Design blog. This chilly infographic details the dangers of various artificial food dyes:

Via Co.Design: http://ow.ly/25zE0X

Too creepy for you? Let’s reverse the trend and consider another Co.Design discovery: the Addams Family’s living room, shot for the 1964 TV series in black-and-white, was actually bedecked and beribboned in salmon pink. Dig this blush!

Via Co.Design: http://ow.ly/27oBtM

Last but not least, I was tickled to see the following tweet cross my radar on Halloween:

Speaking of ROY G. BIV, don’t you agree it’d make a swell holiday gift this Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Free tip, folks. And with that, I wish you a lovely, chroma-filled Thanksgiving.

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