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Yambo (pseudonym of Enrico de ‘Conti Novelli Berlinioro, Pisa 1876 – Firenze 1943) was a journalist, illustrator, writer and comic book artist known for his children books. Tutto di Tutto (Everything About Everything, 1944, a year after his death) is a superb example, and is pretty much about everything from typewriter concrete poetry to radio technology and a lot of fantasy in between.

The website Comic Art Fans writes he was “Endowed with eclectic personality and talent, he was one of the prominent authors of popular literature in Italy during the first half of the 20th century. Thanks to his fantastic and adventurous stories (published mainly in magazines), in addition to his directing an avant garde movie titled An Interplanetary Marriage (released in 1910), he’s also considered as one of the forerunners of Sci-Fi in Italy.”

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