Your Moment of Design Zen: Bespoke Branding for a Bespoke Physical Therapist

The health and physical therapy space is dominated by dry, long-established visual tropes—and that’s why it’s so ultimately refreshing to come across design and branding work that breaks the mold.

The studio The Show Must Go On created the identity and related materials for the Spanish physical therapist Isabel Acedo, and rather than defer to the sterile whites, blues and the expected iconography, they elected to go for an aesthetic that projects emotion and an oasis of health, and reflects its namesake practitioner.

TSMGO utilized a color palette paying homage to the canvas on which Acdeo works, the skin. Shapes representative of muscles and bones provide a gentle, accessible tie-in to her services, and as a nod that her approach is anything but one-size-fits-all, her signature appears at multiple touchpoints.

“We place special importance on closeness; a connection to very close treatment from Isabel,” the studio writes. “Personalized treatments, of a premium nature and clearly targeted at a female audience, are enhanced by classic design elements, reinforced through the use of stamping and gold leaf.”

See the work in practice below.