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Master of the Czech Golden Age of Posters

Some of the finest contemporary poster designs ever were done by the Czech designer Zdeněk Ziegler (b. 1932). If you have not heard of him before, it is only because we in the U.S. are so provincial that we don’t acknowledge the greats from other lands.

A little background: Ziegler has taught at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague since 1990, and from 2000–2003 was its chancellor. He has exhibited solo and in group shows since 1964, specializing in cultural promotion with a vocabulary that might be considered retro but transcends the limitations of style. He is best known abroad for the 200 film posters he’s produced over the years 1963–1989.

These posters are from the monograph For Eyes Only (Terra cultura, Praha 2012). More can be seen here.

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