10 Great Gig Posters + Free Exhibition

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Print readers will know Powerhouse Factories from the brilliant cover they created for our June 2013 Color Issue, alongside their rock posters and brand work. Art and design lovers who have passed through Cincinnati in the last few years will know the 21c Museum Hotel for its contemporary design and fantastic curated exhibitions (also, next time you see Debbie Millman, ask her about the Yellow Penguin).

Powerhouse and 21c have teamed up for their second annual “Flooded” exhibition—a free, single-night event that will take place 7–11 p.m. Sept. 19 at 21c. A collaboration between 21c, Powerhouse, Josh Mattie of the Contemporary Arts Center and regional screen printing studios (including Southpaw Prints, Cryptogram, TOMMYINK, Neltner Small Batch, Madpixel, BLDG and Rob Warnick), “Flooded” highlights the art of handcrafted screen-printed gig posters. More than 30 works will be on display, and Cincinnati indie band State Song will be performing live at the event, rounding out the conceptual mix of design and music.

As a sneak peak, here’s a selection of 10 gig posters from the show.


By Madpixel

By Southpaw Prints


By Powerhouse Factories

Panda Bear_BLDG



By Cryptogram


By Neltner Small Batch


By Neltner Small Batch


By Neltner Small Batch




By Rob Warnick

Zachary Petit is the senior managing editor of Print.

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