Alina Kompa Designs A Series Of Posters Inspired By ‘The Divine Comedy’

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Dante’s The Divine Comedy is a narrative poem that discusses the soul’s journey towards God. Inspired by the poem, Alina Kompa created a series of ten principles of good design. The posters all stick to the same color palette with similar typography, making a cohesive series, yet each can easily stand firm on its own.

The task was to create a visual project inspired by Divine Comedy and ten principles for good design.

During my research, I built a system of peculiar sins. For those who can’t see that they’ve been wandering down the same path for years. For those who mindlessly run after trends. For those who draw attention to distract from meaning. For those who steer others down false paths. 
The result was a poster series: each poster corresponds to one circle of my design hell. 

Project Credits

Alina Kompa