Wes Anderson’s Latest Flick Dispatches A Slew Of Promotional Posters

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With Wes Anderson’s newest flick, The French Dispatch, slated to hit theaters next month, production designers, film bros, and all-around aesthetic freaks alike are reeling with anticipation.

Much-adored for his distinctly meticulous and detailed handicraft aesthetic, the filmmaker and his PR team just released a series of 12 promotional posters for The French Dispatch, each featuring a different character from the film’s ensemble.

Naturally, the cast comes loaded with some of cinema’s biggest stars, including Timothée Chalamet, Bill Murray, and Tilda Swinton, all of who get their own unique poster with thoughtful designs tied to their character within the world built by the beloved director with elements that feels whimsical, manicured, and nostalgic. You can just hear the Jacques Brel and Kinks coming off the paper they’re printed on.

The film, described as a “love letter to journalists,” was delayed for over a year due to the pandemic. But if these posters are any indication, it will be well worth the wait.