The 2023 PRINT Awards Celebrate Design in Every Shape and Form

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The 2023 PRINT Awards celebrates every detail of design, from the delicate textures and exquisite form of print to digital design that marries technical skill with craftsmanship. No matter what role design plays in our lives, the PRINT Awards winners highlight the best of design and inspire a path to the future for our industry.

The PRINT Awards have been celebrating design excellence and taking the annual pulse of the industry since 1980. The competition has integrated new mediums to evaluate the field’s ongoing evolution, while still celebrating its founding heritage.

For 2023, PRINT Awards has added two new categories: In-House Design and Design for Social Impact. In-House Design recognizes communication materials created by an in-house team for the organization at which they are employed. Design for Social Impact celebrates campaigns created for nonprofit organizations, or associations that advance social good and include a call to action.

Last year, PRINT made space for the continued effects of the pandemic by launching a free-to-enter Citizen Design category. This award recognizes the work and critical thinking that designers bring to issues of social justice, community intervention, sustainability, and human rights across issues and borders. The Citizen Design category is still free-to-enter, and will honor work designed to protect democracy and ensure voting rights around the world.

“This is a critical year for Democracy. Voting rights are being challenged. Design has a role to play—ensuring that citizens understand how and where to vote. The 2023 Citizen Design category is open to designers who have created print and online campaigns designed to protect freedom.”
—Steve Heller, Editor-At-Large, PRINT.

Our judges will select each winner for the PRINT Awards based on how well they meet four key attributes: originality, innovation, longevity, and craft. Top winners are featured on PRINT. Entries open today, November 10, and close February 28, 2023.