Print Design

When Design Was An Offshoot Of Printing

During the 19th century an increase of printed materials fostered the rise in trade magazines. The content centered on information for the craft and profession. The Inland Printer was created in October 1883 “as a local trade magazine for the booming mid-western printing industry,” states an website entry for the Rockwell Center For American...

Have A Nice Ride Underground

NYC is the greatest city on earth. But for some it is the second ring of hell, particularly underground in the subway owing to the behavior of those little devils known as the riders. Now, two NYC lovers, the filmmaker, known as New York Nico on Instagram (aka Nicolas Heller), and illustrator and graphic...

Books and Matches

Michael Russem, proprietor of the Offices of the Kat Ran Press, publisher of and curator of the Katherine Small Gallery in Somerville, Mass., has created an exhibition titled “Dick Bruna and Black Bears and Japanese Matchboxes.” He asks the question: “While Dick Bruna was writing and illustrating his early books for children, he was...

patsy 1

Award-Winning (But Don’t You Call It) Self-Promotion | Patsy

For food photographer Dick Patrick, this was not just a passion project or a self-promotion tool. It was personal in the deepest sense of the word. Patsy is an 80-page, case-bound photo journal that pays homage to his mother’s cooking by telling her story through her recipes, photographed by Dick, as well as other...

Hot Off The Letterpress

On "Pressing On: The Letterpress Film," a splendid documentary on the art, craft and lore of letterpress printing. The film is one of a handful of indie productions that celebrate the glory days of commercial art and printing.

Modernism Rediscovered

A Designed Life re-imagines, re-creates and interprets three Cold War-era traveling displays of American designed and manufactured goods commissioned by the U.S. Department of State that were circulated within West Germany in the early 1950s.

The Largest Book In the World Pops Up

Hamid Rahmanian has dedicated ten years of his creative life to the Iranian classic "Zahhak: The Legend of the Serpent King". Le Monde says "it has all the ingredients of the blackest eastern tale ― palace intrigues, demons, invaders come from a far country."